Design by KIETO

As the first rays of the sun warmed the cheekbones in Spring 2018, a Finnish small business called Design by KIETO was born. The company was founded by a regular Hiltunen, who thought Why save on all the loveliest jewelry and accessories a special moment for. Every moment is special! Your favourite jewellery can be combined with your favourite nightgown and holey socks, for example. you're digging into the couch for candy. You should wear your favourite jewellery to give you confidence when you are facing sleepless nights and a meeting, presentation or any exciting situation. How about a coffee or a date with friends? Yeah, my favorite jewelry too. They like to go out and hear all your secret stuff! And the same favorite jewelry will slip just as happily on you even when it comes a special moment - happy that they didn't have to wait in a jewelry box just for the moment, but are available whenever you need them.

Today, Design by KIETO Oy already employs two regular Hiltus, Annika and Tuomo (yes, married couple) and their friend Annu. Design by Design people are connected by friendship and the will to bring joy and colour to every day. And bad humor. We want to be a wake-up call to the grey of everyday life and a reminder that you are unique. We invest in quality, durability, friendship and a joyful mind so that you have the opportunity to choose beautiful and long-lasting products that you can be sure are made in healthy, loved hands.


The design by KIETO style and illustrations are done by the usual Hiltunen, or Annika. From paper towels to postcards and fabrics to designer clothes, Annika has managed to illustrate a huge amount in her career. Annika may be slow in her movements, but she is faster than light in her thoughts. In one moment, he draws with great concentration and responds with no more than one syllable at the time. But when you blink, she's already envisioning something else or dancing without music.


Tuomo is the other Hiltunen. A mild-mannered gentleman who makes stilted jokes his life's work. Most of the time, he is the person you talk to on the phone or by email. So that's who he is. client interface as they say. Tuomo also collects jewelry, posts packages, does the managing director's job and cooks lunch porridge.

And of course you

Yeah, what would we be without you? You are the one who wears our jewellery, writes US lovely messages, follows our journey and lives with us. The one who makes sure we know we're on the right path. Design by Wrap would not exist without our very own customers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And that's why this digital carrier pigeon is always ready to deliver your message to us. Whatever thoughts you have. Questions you're interested in. Remarks you want to remind us of. Ideas, wishes, feedback - we are all interested!

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